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I have great news, Lesley Livingston has agreed to particpate in our blog even though she is busy writing her third book in the series. So she might take some time to answer any questions you have but she will answer them. So ask away….. and have fun reading!!! 😀


~ by Wondrous Strange- Facilitator on November 2, 2009.

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  1. I’ve read a lot of other faerie/enchantment sort of book and although it kind of followed the same storylines, I really liked it! ^_^ And somehow it was able to include Shakespeare, that takes skills. Oh, you mentioned something about a third book – there’s a second one? Please let me know, thanks ;D

  2. I agree with you, i read numerous fantasy books as well as think that this one was kinda like them but not really, and i really enjoyed reading it as well. LOLZ, i loved the Shakespearen spin to it too. Yes, Lesley Livingston is working on a third book right now and the second book that came out is called ‘Darklight’.

  3. So, White Piners, what’s the verdict on Wondrous Strange? Where are all you fantasy lovers? What did you think of this White Pine nominated title? I have to say I am not a huge fan of fantasy but I thought the author did a good job of developing a romantic relationship between Kelly and Sonny. I think it was their relationship that kept me reading. Like people have already said, I enjoyed the Shakespearean “spin” but wondered if people who were not familiar with Shakespeare would enjoy the novel less because of this “spin”. Perhaps a familiarity with Shakespeare is not important…what do you think?

    Anyway, keep the blogs coming. Thank you Sarah for facilitating the discussion of this novel.

  4. I think the author did a pretty good job with the novel, i have to say I really enjoyed it. I think for me, the romance wasn’t what kept me reading but it was the little myteries. Now that you mention it, I do agree with you, I really liked the Shakespearean spin to it but I guess it is because I am very familiar with his work. I think it would be kinda hard for ppl to connect with Puck and some of the plot comedy and stuff because they haven’t read Shakespeare. Your welcome, I enjoy facilitating this blog a lot, it is my pleasure

  5. The book was a little bit confusing at times, especially when the background history of the otherworld was being described. I was beginning to find it hard to read because I couldn’t comprehend the magic concepts. However, as the story progressed it started to become a very interesting read. As I began to approach the end of the book, I found that I couldn’t stop flipping through the pages. I thought the ending was just brilliant. I am not an avid reader (which is one of the reasons I joined the club), but I cannot wait to read the next book to the series.

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